In Bangalore, India’s Silicon Valley, issues related to city’s unbridled growth froth up

The city with a thousand lakes is faced with a massive pollution problem that has seen some of its largest lakes frothing up and even catching fire

Is Belt and Road Initiative worth the risk for foreign investors?What do you do when water catches fire? That’s exactly what Bangaloreans are scratching their heads over – the water in their lakes is catching fire, and nobody knows how exactly to put the flames out.For a city that once boasted close to a thousand lakes, this is something of a problem.

Bangalore or Bengaluru, India’s Garden City, a quiet backwater once known as “The City of Lakes”, has been losing perspective lately. It’s once beautiful, temperate, lake-filled landscape has stumbled into something of a drunken stupor, frothing around the edges.

A snow-like froth has been bubbling from several of Bangalore’s lakes, making them look more like an enormous fuzzy bubble bath. But anyone nearby these lakes now needs to cover their mouths and eyes – because that froth is a toxic cocktail of untreated chemicals and sewage. Whenever it rains, wind carries the flammable foam into the city.

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