Mark Zuckerberg says Threads social media app has 175m users

Threads, Meta’s social media app designed to take on Elon Musk’s X, has hit 175 million monthly active users just ahead of the first anniversary of its launch.

Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg confirmed the user numbers in a post to the platform, adding “what a year”.

Threads was launched in July 2023 as a direct rival to X, formerly known as Twitter, which was in the midst of a substantial overhaul after its takeover by Tesla boss Elon Musk, who dismissed staff, overhauled the verification system and cut back on content moderation as part of his plans to allow “absolute free speech” on the site.

Many users, unnerved by the changes, began searching for an alternative – an opportunity seized by Meta and Mr Zuckerberg.

The launch of Threads came as the two tech bosses were locked in a bitter public spat, with the Tesla and SpaceX chief challenging the Meta founder to a cage fight, but it never took place.

At one point, Mr Musk and X even threatened legal action against Meta over the launch of the new app.

The milestone of 175 million monthly users for Threads is modest in contrast to the biggest social media platforms – Meta’s other big apps, Facebook and Instagram, each have billions of active users.

But Meta executives have suggested their key focus for Threads is not user numbers, with Instagram boss Adam Mosseri telling The Verge last year that he would be “more interested” if the platform became “culturally relevant”.

In contrast to some social media sites, Meta has reduced the prominence of political content and instead encouraged more light-hearted content on Threads.

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